My name is Jane. I grew up in Texas and recently moved to Washington state. I've loved drawing ever since I was a kid, but only now in my 20's have I really had the discipline to explore my ideas and work on my techniques. 

My pet project is my web comic series, The Ghosts and the Shells. I started doodling snails one day at work in a moment of grief, because I had accidentally stepped on one outside. Halloween was upon me, so eventually the ghosts joined the conversation. I absolutely love ghost stories and mysterious things in general.

I'm at a time right now where I really want to explore as many techniques and subject matters as possible. My main goal in my illustrations is to create wholesome images that take you to a place that is whimsical but ever so slightly dark. Like me! 

My personal Instagram is @janekimcur if you want to creep,  or become internet pals. 

Thanks for reading!